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I am by nature a very sentimental person who is always looking for the meaning behind things. Sometimes I hate this about myself because as I get older I'm realizing that there are many things that are just unexplainable and I won't be able to make sense of a lot of the things that happen in life.

Today is the one year anniversary of my dad having emergency brain surgery. I remember driving through the night to get to the hospital and pulling over on the interstate to pray at 7:00 a.m., the time when his surgery was scheduled. We all cried in that moment, knowing that we may never get to see him again. I remember sitting in the back of the car, too weak and sick from throwing up all night, while everyone else went into the hospital to wait for news and be there when he woke up. My pastor's wife sat in the car with me until my grandmother arrived to take me to her house. Nana drove and Grandbud put me in the front seat so maybe I wouldn't get sick again. I still threw u…

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